Desk Phone VoIP
A custom Desk Phone VoIP System empowers your workers with more features, functionality and capabilities than a traditional phone system. All you need at your retail stores, service centers or admin offices is a high speed broadband connection and VoIP phones- computers that look, feel and work just like traditional telephones!

Auto Attendant | Automatically answers and routes calls based on the menu option selected by the caller.

Extensions | You can setup a separate extension (“101”, “102”, etc) for each employee, department, or group.

Find Me - Follow Me | Automatically transfers calls to whichever phone the user is on at the time of the call.

Dial-By-Name Directory | Callers can enter the first or last name of the person they want to reach.

Call Queue | Callers are placed in line, in the order their call was received, to wait for the next available representative.

Chrono Route | Automatically routes incoming calls based on the time of day, and day of the week.

Data Route | Routes calls based on the caller’s data input, such as their zip code, account number, etc.

Caller ID Route | Automatically routes incoming calls based on the caller’s phone number, area code, etc.

Ring Groups | Automatically rings a group of extensions. Ideal for sales teams or any group or department.

DID | Direct Number: Routes incoming calls directly to a specific extension, by-passing the auto attendant.

Key-ahead | Frequent callers who already know the menu options don’t have to wait and list to the auto attendant.

Do Not Disturd | Eliminates interruptions from incoming calls for a period of time- sends all calls to voicemail.

Call Blocking | Enables users to block individual numbers as well as entire area codes, pay phones and more.


Smart Answer | Users can press “1” to accept the call or press “2” to send the call to voicemail.

Call Transfer | Users can transfer a “live” call to another extension, to voicemail or to any phone number in the USA.

Place Caller On-hold | Users can place the caller On-hold at anytime. The caller will hear On-hold music/message.

On-Hold Music/Message | While on hold, callers will hear your On-hold Music or On-hold Message.

Call Recording | Incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded. You can access and download recordings online.

Outbound Caller ID | Control the name and phone number that’s displayed when you place an outbound call.

Caller ID | Enables you to see the name and number of the caller.

3-Way Calling | Users can host a conference call with two other parties.

Conference Calling | Users can host a conference call with up to nine (9) participants.

International Calling | Enables users to place outbound calls to up to 40 foreign countries at a very low rate.

Line Monitoring | Supervisors can listen in, as well as "barge in" on any phone line at anytime.


Voicemail-To-Email | Delivers your voice mail messages to your email address as an MP3 attachment.

Auto Info | Plays pre-recorded information about your products, services and company to callers 24/7!

Voicemail-To-Text | Transcribes your voicemail messages to text, then delivers it to your email inbox.

SMS Text Notifications | Notifies you by SMS text that you have a new voice message waiting for you to retrieve.

Unlimited Message Capacity | Your mailboxes will NEVER get full!

Online Message Storage | Access, play and download your messages on any computer, at any time, in any location.

Paging | Authorized users to make announcements over the speakerphone of all of the phones on your system.

Intercom | Users can press a button on their desk phone and instantly talk through the speakerphone on another phone.


Online Console| You can login and perform a wide variety of administrative tasks from any computer or device.

Upload Greetings| You can create and upload greetings in MP3 or WAV format.

Call Tracking| You can track and monitor calling activity in real time.

Call Reports| Detailed reports on calls including duration, completion status, to/from number, etc.

Call Flows| You can easily create as many call flows as you need, with a user friendly drag-n-drop user interface.


Desk Phones| You can use any VoIP desk phones you want from Cisco, Polycom, and other major brands.

Cordless Phones| You can use cordless VoIP phones by Panasonic, so you can move around your office freely.

USB Phones | Physical phone connected to computer via USB. Linked to the Softphone running on the computer.

Analog Adapters| Enables you to use your old analog phone with your new VoIP phone service. Converts VoIP signal into analog signal for fax machines, caller ID devices, other analog devices.


You have access to a vast inventory of custom phone numbers to boost your advertising, sales promotions, and marketing campaigns. "Easy-To-Remember” phone numbers, like 218-FITNESS and 505-555-5555 increase the response to your ads on the radio, TV, print media and billboard; generate more sales leads, build your brand, boost your various sales promotions, and increase your marketing ROI. You can have a custom phone number in any area code, city or local community in the continental USA.

Repeating Digit Numbers Get a memorable number with repeating digits, like 404-444-4000, 202-222-2222, etc!

Local Vanity Numbers | Get a memorable number that spells a word, like 214-INJURED, 218-FITNESS, etc!

Sequential Numbers A set of numbers in a sequence, like 404-212-1000, 404-212-1001, 404-212-1002, etc.

Clone Numbers | The same exact number in various area codes, like 731-325-8200, 901-325-8200, 615-325-8200, etc.

Toll Free Vanity Numbers | Get awesome toll free numbers, like 877-FLOWERS, 866-PLUMBER, 888-MEDICAL, etc.

Phone Integrations

Phone Plug-Ins

Automate your tedious, routine and repetitive tasks by integrating your phone system with the software you use every day to run your business. When an event, activity or action occurs in your CRM, Calendar, or other business software, it will trigger your phone system to automatically perform a phone calling task for you! Also, when your business receives a call, it will trigger the software you use to automatically perform a data processing tasks or trigger one of your Cloud Communications apps (SMS, email, etc) to perform a communications task.
We embed custom outbound calling functionality into the business software you use to run your business, empowering you to make calls while logged in to your CRM, calendar, contacts manager, etc. Plug-ins help centralize and streamline daily calling and computing tasks, improving workflow and saving time and money! There are 3 available outbound calling features, including...

Text-To-Voice Calling
Dial Pad Calling
Click Calling