Manual SMS Solutions
Manual SMS solutions empower you to manually send and receive SMS text messages on any computer or smartphone, using your favorite business class apps!  You can use any desktop, laptop or tablet computer, and you can use the same business class apps you already use to run your business, like MS Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce, etc.

We also offer a new line of SMS apps called “Gr8r SMS” designed to help you with specific tasks, including appointment reminders, surveys, and more!


EMAIL | You can use Gmail, MS OutlooK, Zoho Mail and ANY email app to send and receive SMS text messages!

SPREADSHEET | You can use Google Sheets, MS Excel 365, Smartsheet, and other popular spreadsheet apps to send and receive SMS text messages!

CONTACTS MANAGER | You can use Google Contacts, MS Outlook 365, Zoho Contacts, and other popular contacts managers to send and receive SMS text messages!

WEB BROWSER | You can use the Chrome web browser and the Firefox web browser to send SMS text messages!

CRM | You can use Sales Force, Insightly, and other popular CRMs to send and receive SMS text messages!
ONLINE DATABASE | You can use Zoho Creator, Knack, Airtable, and other popular database apps to send and receive SMS text messages!

WEB FORM | You can use Google Forms, Jotform, Zoho Forms, and other popular web form apps to send and receive SMS text messages!

DOCUMENT MANAGER | You can use Dropbox, Box, Google Docs, and other popular document management apps to send and receive SMS text messages! 

CALENDAR | You can use Google Calendar, MS Outlook 365 Calendar, and other popular calendar apps to send and receive SMS text messages!
SMS Data Manager is the world's first SMS text messaging system that has all of the robust data management features, functionality and capabilities of a database software application!  You can collect, organize, store, analyze and report all of the data on your SMS text messaging activities; and you can add, remove, and monitor users, and all users can share and collaborate, as well as use any desktop, laptor, or tablet computer, or any Apple or Android phone, in any location at any time!  Click HERE to learn more!
SMS Reminder empowers you and your team to send reminders based on the date & time of events on your calendar, appointments on your schedule, deadlines in your workflow, or any date &  time based criteria!  You can set SMS text message reminders to be sent as many hours, days or weeks before the scheduled event, appointment, deadline, etc as you want or need., like 1 hour, 2 hours, or 2 days before the scheduled date & time.  Click HERE to learn more!
SMS Scheduler empowers you and your team to write an SMS text message then schedule it to be delivered to the recipient at a future date & time!  You can schedule SMS messages to be sent as soon as 5 minutes or as far as 1 year (12 months) in the future.  You can also schedule a SMS message to be delivered to a small or large group of recepients in the future!  Click HERE to learn more!
SMS Surveyor empowers you with a much faster, more convenient and more efficient way to do surveys of any kind. Simply compose and send a text message promting your recepients to respond with "1" for yes, "2" for no, or any other multiple choice responses. All responses are automatically tracked, monitored, and stored! It's ideal for customer satisfaction, research, audience engagement, event evaluation, feedback, and more.  Click HERE to learn more!​​