Custom Mobile Phone System
Turn your smartphone into a powerful, full featured, business phone system!
A custom Mobile Phone System is the ideal phone communications solution for any solo entrepreneur or small team running their business from a single mobile phone or a group of mobile phones. You can download it to any Android phone or iPhone and get custom local or toll free vanity phone numbers, and all of the sophisticated business class phone system features, functionality and capabilities you could ever want, need or dream!

Outbound Caller ID |You can use your Mobile Phone System number or any phone number you own as your outbound Caller ID number. Your call won’t see your personal cell phone number on their Caller ID screen, but they’ll only see your MPS number. If you have multiple MPS numbers, you can select the one you want to use as the outbound caller ID number, each time you make an outbound call!

Call Your Contacts | You can dial any of the contacts you have stored on your mobile phone with just one touch! You can scroll and select a contact or search and select a contact, then press “Dial”. It’s easy as “1-2-3”.

Dial Any Number | You can manually input and dial any local or toll free phone number in the USA or Canada, at any time, on any smartphone.

Call History | You can view your most recent calls and quickly redial a recently dialed phone number with just one touch!


Auto Attendant | Automatically answers calls on the main number, plays a greeting with menu options, and routes calls based on the menu option selected by the caller, as well as processes incoming SMS Text messages.

Custom Menus | Enables you to create your own custom voice menus with as many menu options as you need, and change them as often as you want. You can also create as many sub-menus (sub-levels and layers) as you want. You can program the system to automatically play a specific menu based on the number the caller dialed, the caller’s area code, the time of the day, day of the week, month of the year; or other criteria.

Extensions | Unlimited extensions to provide call routing to each member of your team. Extensions can be programmed to 1) connect calls to a “live” representative, 2) go straight to voicemail, 3) play pre-recorded information, 4) redirect calls based on the time of the day, day of the week, or month of the year.

Find Me - Follow Me | Automatically connects calls to representatives “live”, in real time, regardless of their location or the type of phone they are using at the time of the call (cell phone, home phone, office phone, Skype or any phone)!

Dial-By-Name Directory | Enables callers to be automatically connected with the person they are trying to reach by entering the first three letters of the person’s last name.

Company Directory | Callers can listen to a list of employees, select the employee they want, then be automatically transferred to that employee's mailbox to leave a voice message.

DIDs- Direct Inward Dial Numbers | Enables each user to have their own direct phone number that connects calls directly to their personal extension on the system.

Call Queue | Increases call capacity by automatically fielding calls when all reps or all lines are busy, eliminating hang ups and dropped calls. Callers are given the option to press “1” to wait for the next available rep, or press “2” to leave a message in voicemail.

Data Route | Automatically routes incoming calls based on the caller’s data input, such as their zip code, account number, product model number, or some other numeric data.

Chrono Route | Automatically redirects incoming calls to a different extension or phone number depending on the time of day, and day of the week.

Caller ID Route | Automatically routes incoming calls based on the caller’s phone number, area code, or geographic location.

Key-ahead Prompting | Your callers can key ahead (enter their selection) if they already know the options they wish to select, enhancing the experience of your frequent callers.

Call Blocking | Empowers you to identify certain phone numbers, exchanges or area codes from which you will not take calls, saving you time and frustration from spammers and telemarketers.


Smart Answer | When you answer a call, you can first find out 1) who’s calling, 2) why they are calling or 3) the number they’re calling from, then decide if you want to take the call, send the caller to voicemail or re-direct the call to another employee, department, or location.

Call Transfer | You can transfer a “live” call to another extension, to voicemail, or to any phone number in the USA, or to many foreign countries.

Place Caller On-hold | You can place any caller On-hold at anytime, with the caller listening to your company message while on-hold.

On-Hold Music | Plays your promotional message to the caller while the call is being transferred or when the caller is placed on-hold.

Call Recording | Record “live” calls (incoming and outgoing) with real time recording controls, playback controls, email delivery as an MP3 file, phone access, and online backup storage.


Voicemail-To-Email | Delivers your voicemail messages to your email address as an MP3 attachment so you can listen to your messages on your computer!

SMS Text Notifications | Notifies you by SMS text that you have a new voice message waiting for you to retrieve.

Announce Only | You can setup any mailbox to only play an announcement to callers- the caller can't leave a message, but only listen to your announcement. Ideal for providing directions, hours of operation as well as information about your company and your products & services.

Unlimited Message Capacity | Your mailboxes will NEVER get full! Your callers will NEVER hear "this mailbox is full and cannot take any more messages, please hang up and try again later".

Online Message Storage | You get unlimited online storage space where your messages are automatically backed up for you. You can access, play and download your messages on any computer, at any time, in any location.

Voicemail Transcription | Transcribes your voice mail messages to text, then delivers the text version to your email inbox or cell phone, enabling you to read your voicemail messages.

Auto Q & A | Automatically takes orders for your products and services from callers, as well as perform other question & answer type functions such as customer surveys, job interviews, etc.


Call Flows | You can easily create as many call flows as you need, with a user friendly drag-n-drop user interface. You can use multiple call flows simultaneously, with the system automatically using a specific call flow based on the number the caller dialed, the caller’s area code, the time of the day, day of the week, month of the year; or other criteria. You can store and re-use any call flow at any time or use a call flow as a template to quickly create new custom call flows as needed.

Main Greeting Schedule | You can schedule your Main Daytime, Main Nighttime, and Main Holiday Greetings/Menus to play at certain times of the day, days of the week, weekends and on holidays.


You have access to a vast inventory of custom phone numbers to boost your advertising, sales promotions, and marketing campaigns. "Easy-To-Remember” phone numbers, like 218-FITNESS and 505-555-5555 increase the response to your ads on the radio, TV, print media and billboard; generate more sales leads, build your brand, boost your various sales promotions, and increase your marketing ROI. You can have a custom phone number in any area code, city or local community in the continental USA.

Repeating Digit Numbers- Get a memorable number with repeating digits, like 404-444-4000, 202-222-2222, etc!

Local Vanity Numbers- Get a memorable number that spells a word, like 214-INJURED, 218-FITNESS, etc!

Sequential Numbers- A set of numbers in a sequence, like 404-212-1000, 404-212-1001, 404-212-1002, etc.

Clone Numbers- The same exact number in various area codes, like 731-325-8200, 901-325-8200, 615-325-8200, etc.

Toll Free Vanity Numbers- Get awesome toll free numbers, like 877-FLOWERS, 866-PLUMBER, 888-MEDICAL, etc.

Phone Integrations

Phone Plug-Ins

Automate your tedious, routine and repetitive tasks by integrating your
phone system with the software you use every day to run your business. 
When an event, activity or action occurs in your CRM, Calendar, or other
business software, it will trigger your phone system to automatically
perform a phone calling task for you!  Also, when your business receives
a call, it will trigger the software you use to automatically perform a
data processing tasks or trigger one of your Cloud Communications apps
(SMS, email, etc) to perform a communications task.
We embed custom outbound calling functionality into the business software you use to run your business, empowering you to make calls while logged in to your CRM, calendar, contacts manager, etc. Plug-ins help centralize and streamline daily calling and computing tasks, improving workflow and saving time and money! There are 3 available outbound calling features, including...

Text-To-Voice Calling
Dial Pad Calling
Click Calling