SMS Surveyor
SMS Surveyor is a much faster, more convenient and more efficient way to do surveys of any kind. Simply compose and send a text message promting your recepients to respond with "1" for yes, "2" for no, or any other multiple choice responses. All responses are automatically tracked, monitored, and stored!

Automatic Thank-You | All participants automatically receive a “thank-you” text message upon completion of the survey.

Phone Numbers | You can use your existing office phone number, or use a dedicated survey phone number. The dedicated survey phone number can be in any area code, city or community you want, and can be a memorable phone number, like 404-444-4000, 218-FITNESS, etc.


Affordable | SMS text messaging surveys only cost a few pennies per participant.

Simplicity | It’s simple, easy and convenient for your participants.

Anywhere | You can collect feedback from people wherever they are.

Fast Feedback | 90% of SMS text messages are opened within 3 minutes, so you know it won’t be long before the responses to your survey start rolling in.

High Penetration | 98% of text messages are read, compared to just 22% of emails.

Real-Time Reporting | You get real-time, in-the-moment feedback- ideal for time-sensitive surveys.

Customer Friendly | 89% of consumers say they prefer to communicate with businesses via SMS text messaging.


Greater Response | Your surveys receive higher response rates by leveraging the power of SMS text messaging.

Engagement | Makes your subscribers feel valued and included, because you ask for their input and feedback.

Wider Reach | You reach customers, members, constituents even when you don’t have their email addresses.


Subscription | Allow customers to subscribe to your marketing list(s) via SMS text messaging.

Polling | Let your audience, members, constituents vote via SMS text messaging.

Churches | Ask your congregation for input on programs, activities and events.

Restaurants | Invite customers to vote on their favorite menu item.

Non Profits | Encourage supporters to spread the word about an upcoming fundraiser, activity or event.

Entertainment Venues | Gather feedback and ideas from attendees after an event.

Schools | Survey parents, teachers or students about ideas to improve the educational experience.

• Customer Satisfaction • Research • Audience Engagement • Event Evaluation • Feedback
• Employee Exit • Project Review • SWOT Analysis