SoftPhone VoIP
A custom Softphone VoIP System empowers you and your team to turn any desktop, laptop or tablet computer into a telephone by simply downloading the software in just a few minutes!  You don’t need any special hardware, because the software works on any of your existing devices. So you and your team can talk to your customers, vendors, and contacts virtually anywhere a high speed Internet connection is available!

Call Recording | You can record any call with unlimited recording time.

Transfer Calls | You can transfer a “live” call to your cell phone, home phone, or any phone anywhere.

Redial | You can redial any previously dialed phone number with just one click.

Call Hold | You can place callers on hold with just one click.

Call Forwarding | You can set your system to forward your calls to any other phone number when you're away from the phone.

Conference Calling | You can host a conference call with up to 10 people at any time.

Popup On Incoming Calls | Your system gives you an on-screen popup notification when you receive an incoming call.

Voicemail | You can set your system to send incoming calls directly to voicemail or send to voicemail after 3 or 4 rings.

Contacts | You can add, delete, edit and store your contacts on your system for quick and easy access. 

Call Logs | You can track your calls and view your call history.

Recipient Location | Displays your call recipients approximate location within a 60 mile radius.


Google Apps Integration | You can store your calls in your Google Apps for easy cataloging, retrieval, and sharing.

Google Calendar | Integrates with Google Calendar to store your calls for easy cataloging, retrieval, and sharing.

Pushbullet | Integrates with your Pushbullet to push your messages and notifications to your various devices.


Coverage Area | You can make calls to any USA, Puerto Rican, or Canadian landline or cell phone.

Any Device | You can use any desktop, laptop or tablet computer as well as any smartphone.

Web Browsers | You can use the latest version of Chrome web browser and Firefox web browser.

Outbound Caller ID Number | You can use any phone number you own as the Outbound Caller ID Number.

• Receive Calls From Any Device | Your contacts can call you from landlines, cell phones, Skype, GTalk, and any type of phone, phone service or phone device!